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Milwaukee, WI

My shop started out with 1 Sharkini & 2 pairs of hand painted shoes. I'm extremely proud of how far it has come along. My philosophy is that everyone should have POSITIVE & PLEASURABLE shopping experience. Maybe it's bc I shop too much & have high expectations on how stores should operate. Maybe it's bc I’ve worked way too many years as a server & the “Customer's Always Comes First” mentality has left a residue on my way of thinking. Or maybe it’s just bc of my love for people & making others happy, but your satisfaction is E V E R Y T H I N G to me. 

I want you, as my buyer, to feel like you got your money’s worth & are fully comfortable with your purchase. If you aren't 99.9% satisfied, let me know, because I will do everything in my power to fix the problem & make sure you leave feeling 110% satisfied. 

 Lastly, I guess I’ll answer the question I always seem to be asked. Where the heck did I get the idea for the name “ButterMakesMeHappy”? To be honest, I was buttering my waffles while on my laptop & randomly came up with the name. At the time I know it didn’t make any sense, but now I see it as extremely fitting. My goal is to make you feel the way butter makes me feel: HAPPY!!!!



Shipping: Ships anywhere in the USA for $3.50 for the first item, only $0.50 more for every additional item.   

Returns: Customers have 7 days to return any item. 

Gift Messaging is Available. 

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